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Sealwize of Colorado Springs, LLC, was founded by Scott Moore in 2006. Since its inception, Sealwize of Colorado Springs, LLC, has become the premier deck restoration and concrete sealing company in El Paso County.

Mr. Moore has started and operated 10 different enterprises over the past 15 years, most of which are in Japan. “Acquiring the rights to El Paso County for Sealwize was a challenge and opportunity that I just could not pass up. I really was not looking to start another business right after relocating from Japan. However, the technology truly fascinated me and I simply could not resist. I knew how much I hated sanding and staining my deck, and believed that there had to be lots of other people that felt the same way. So I hoped that having a maintenance-friendly wood deck that would not ever have to be sealed again would appeal to lots of people; fortunately I was right.”

Mr. Moore has a BBA in marketing from the University of Texas and a master’s degree in economics from the Shinshu University in Japan.

Home Business magazine told Scott Moore’s story in the July/August 2010 issue:

Reducing Exterior Maintenance

Business Eliminates Homeowners’ Worries About Their Decks or Driveways Deteriorating.

Discovering a business that Scott Moore could run from home with a product so superior to the competition that he could make it work in any economic climate was what inspired him to purchase a Sealwize territory. Prior to Sealwize, Scott lived for 16 years in Japan, where he also started a number of businesses. So Scott was not really looking for another business when he came across Sealwize after moving back to the States in 2005. But after buying a house with a deck and realizing that he did not want to have to re-stain it every year, he did a lot of research and in the summer of 2006 purchased the Sealwize territory for El Paso County, Colorado.

For Scott, finding a completely “green” non-VOC product with a long-term warranty was very exciting. His customers are homeowners looking to reduce their exterior maintenance and who have better things to do than worry about their decks or driveways deteriorating. He promotes his company’s services by direct mail and trade shows, and with customer referrals. Scott’s company has done some commercial jobs, but its primary market is comprised of homeowners looking for long-term solutions for their exterior wood and concrete maintenance. According to Scott, his best achievement has been to create a thriving business that essentially runs without him in the midst of a recession. He loves the lifestyle that a home-based business offers, especially the facts that he does not have to commute, keep office hours, or work at all during the winter and can still pick up his kids from school every day. Plus, since 2006, he has traveled to fifteen different countries. “I have a dozen or so ‘restoration professional teammates’ that handle about half the sales and all the labor involved in our business,” says Scott. “I recouped my initial investment the first year and am now able to spend time showing other people around the country looking for more than just a job how to build a wonderful business for themselves, through owning a Sealwize territory.”

In 3 years, Scott will officially become an empty nester, but will have a milliondollar- plus territory in Colorado Springs, and hopefully be a partner in an additional 10 or more other Sealwize territories across the country with other home-based entrepreneurs.

Download the article here: Zerovoc Success Story

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