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A Few More Testimonies…

“The deck looks lovely-thanks for all the hard work!”    Brian and Amy Pieri

“My wife and I are very pleased with the result.”     Robert Gerhardt

“We now have a beautifully restored deck, and, with no reservations, we recommend Sealwize for their reliability and good work.”     Patrick and Linda Johnson

“We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciated Sydney and his crew for their professionalism and thoughtfulness. The deck looks 100 times better!”    Bill and Grace Knowles

“For years I had searched for some way to have a deck in Colorado without having to refinish it every one or two years. There just seemed to be no product on the market that could adequately protect a wood deck for even three years, and mine was deteriorating from age and exposure. Rather than rebuilding my deck with another material, I decided to try Zr44 and I am very pleased with its performance, not to mention the money I saved. I’m very impressed with both the product and with Scott Moore’s company, Sealwize of Colorado Springs. They did a superb job, and I highly recommend anyone with a wood deck to consider using this product.”    Russ Calvert

Happy Valley Pictures

Here are some pictures which I took of the Happy Valley project. Fantastic
job by the guys!!

Gehring's Cabin

Here are a bunch of pictures of the house.  Looks great thank you!

Before, During and After

The house has been completed and looks fantastic! I have attached some before, during, and after pictures. We had some folks walk by as we were finishing and said that it really looks good and that they had not seen anyone in the house in 7 years.

Konrad's finished deck

Here are pictures of Konrad’s finished deck! Looks great!

The Dillman's testimony…

Thank you for the report, Mike.  And thank you very much for the excellent
pictures of a job extraordinarily well done  …  the results of which
clearly add value to our home and that will be enjoyed for many, many years
to come!

Although Virginia and other members of our family will not be on the mountain
for Thanksgiving this year, as is typical for our family, I anticipate most
if now all of the immediate family and some extended family will be together
on the mountain throughout the Christmas-New Year holiday.
We are each eager to see and experience first hand the obvious expert
craftsmanship of your Sealwize of Colorado Springs team and the product.

Finished Deck Pictures

Here are the pictures of your finished deck which I took yesterday. It came
out fantastic!